Hello there!

Product designer at Cognoa who is helping to revolutionalize how parents and physicians screen and support child development.


I'm sort of proud of...

Improving Enterprise Onboarding

Worked with cross-functional team to identify areas of improvement and impact key metrics.

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Road to FDA Clearance

Collaborated with medical and clinical team to design web experience to support a clinical trial involving 5,000+ patients.

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MoveWith: The Pivot

Worked closely with product and growth team to validate a new direction for the company.

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I'm constantly learning and will often share what I'm working on outside of work.

Porsche Mission E

 Exploring an app for Porsche's Mission E.

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Ares Pet Care

Raising a family pet, like Ares, can be very difficult especially when everyone has a busy schedule.

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Spotify | Analytics

When I read that Spotify would be allowing some independent artist to upload music directly to the platform, I started to think "what information would be valuable to an independent artist?"

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